GENIPLET in 5th NESA International Surgicial Conference

Geniplet in NESA Congress

Palma de Mallorca, 13-15 September,2012 at Gran Hotel Melía Victoria

We are co-founders of the NESA (New European Surgical Academy). This organization was founded in 2004 in Berlin. Founder and driving force is our Member of the Scientific Board, Prof. Michael Stark. To celebrate the completion of our hospital in Palma (Palma Geniplet, Reproductive Clinic) Palma was a selected as destination for the 5th Annual congress.

13th to 15th of August  2012 will gather approximately 220 participants from the whole world, and 14 invited speakers on the latest advances in the field of robotics, obstetrics, surgical gynecology and reproductive medicine.

Sponsored by GenipletThe event is supported by the Geniplet AG and the Clínica Palmaplanas. The conference papers will be published in Geniplet – blog.

Our presentation will discuss borderline cases of ART. This is the core competence of Geniplet is: For every problem to have a solution in one oft he clinics.

Since we have to lament a Construction delay, the opening of our clinic is not at the Congress. We’re already preparing another specific event in May 2013 under the title THINK – TANK BALEAR. We will be hence honored to inivite later for the opening of our clinic.

Congress Highlights